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There are 4 main types of towbar availible and the best availible all depends on your towing needs.

Flange Towbar: this type of towbar suits heavy duty and commercial use the best. with the ability to use a variety of different towballs from a basic 2 bolt ball to a 4 bolt multi hight adjustable coupling.

Swan neck: mainly developed for neatness and to improve clearance for parking sensors this type of neck is suitable for ALKO/Stabilising hitches and is the cheapest type availible 

Detachable: For those vehicles with highly sensitive parking sensors and for those who want a towbar without spoiling the looks of a vehicle when not towing. once the neck is removed and the socket folded up behind the bumper there is nothing on show* (*some vehicles show a few mm of the housing or more of the housing on show depending on the style of the bumper)

Retractable: these types of bar are the most expensive and are recommended to be fitted at the point of the car being manufactured due to there complexity. we tend not to reccomend this type due to the poor reliability when not used regularly. 

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